Surrounded by Inspiration

The MLC Centre is a premium grade business environment. Home to some of Australia’s most iconic and revered businesses, it’s the perfect destination for forward thinking companies who require unrivalled comfort and flexibility.

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Room to Breathe

Iconic Landmark

The commercial tower makes up just 20% of the site, with a podium of plazas spilling out onto the surrounding streets, a 1,100-seat theatre, shopping arcades and a large outdoor piazza with bars and dining.
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Unmatched Flexibility

The workspaces within are designed to be highly flexible and open plan. The signature large, column-free floor plates give you the freedom to rearrange, redecorate and curate as you please.
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Prestigious Location

Located on Castlereagh Street, MLC Centre finds itself in the city’s centre of style. In fashionable company, MLC Centre is located among the World’s leading premium boutiques, including Chanel and Christian Dior.
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