12 gifts to give yourself, Christmas platters from IGA, plus enjoy free parking.

Have Your Gifts Wrapped for a Great Cause

Buy a gift, get it wrapped, give to good.
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Christmas Sand Sculptures

Experience our Christmas creations on the Martin Place steps.
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MLC Centre Christmas Lights

Make spirits bright with our Christmas lights. Visit the MLC Centre and get swept up in the most wonderful time of the year.
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12 Great Gifts to Give Yourself

These gifts are just too good to give away.
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The Perfect Party Platter

IGA Romeo’s Food Hall has got you covered this Christmas.
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Free Weekend Parking

Make Christmas shopping much easier at Wilson Parking.
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Cossette's Christmas Sale

Christmas has come early for high fashion lovers. Treat yourself this Christmas.
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Appetising New Arrival: Stir Crazy Thai

Go crazy for authentic Thai flavours, new to the MLC Centre.
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Brand New Beauty: Vanquish Hair

Get party ready and look sharp all season long.
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Discover a white Christmas at MLC Centre, help those in need with the Giving Tree and more!

The Giving Tree

The MLC Centre Giving Tree is in partnership with Homeless Support Inc. helping our city’s homeless.
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Martin Place Christmas Concert

See the magic of Christmas come to life on the steps of MLC Centre.
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Pack your bags with Flight Centre

Winter white snow or bright white sand – where will you go?
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Neil Perry's Christmas Recipes

What to cook for a bright, light and merry feast.
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White Inspired Gifts

Perfect presents to light up Christmas morning.
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Get Party Ready

How to look amazing all season long at MLC Centre.
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MLC Centre partners with Zomato, the rise of fast casual, IGA's lunch on the run, $5 burritos at Guzman y Gomez and more!

MLC Centre team up with Zomato

To celebrate MLC Centre’s partnership with Zomato, we are giving you the chance to win your daily coffee – free for a whole year. Now that’s a caffeine hit!
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MLC Centre Food Court - one year on

It’s been a year since the MLC Centre’s food court was renovated and to celebrate the anniversary, we look back to the mid-70s, when it was originally crafted.
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Introducing the next food trend for 2017

Fast casual the next big trend when it comes to dining. It’s the age of convenience and diners are after a quick and quality fix when it comes to food.
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5 reasons to make friends with salad

For those who need a healthy lunch on the run, look no further than MLC Centre’s IGA Romeo’s Food Hall. Their full-service deli has a host of ready-to-eat salads that are made fresh daily.
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Score $5 burritos from Guzman y Gomez

Have you downloaded the new Guzman y Gomez app? If not, you're missing out on $5 burritos!
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Pop into Top Juice to spruce up your day

Delicious, healthy, convenient juices and smoothies, frappes, protein shakes and more, made from only the freshest produce and natural ingredients.
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Your guide to gluten free treats

In search of something sweet? We have got you covered! And guess what? Our suggestions are all gluten free!
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Opening of Beans & Balls, Spring Racing Fashions, Long Weekend Getaways, Time to Spring Detox and more!

Long Weekend Getaway

A long weekend is the best excuse to get out of town – so why not make the most of it? We checked in with Flight Centre (Level 6) for their top rendezvous recommendations this October.
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Kick-start your system

Summer bodies are made in Spring. We share tips to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best this season.
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Prostate Cancer Awareness

Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers – this year alone, an estimated 18,138 men will be diagnosed. Early detection is essential and saves lives.
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Spring Racing Style

The races is the perfect day out – but what to wear? We share the dos and the don’ts, the must-haves and the trends to stay on top of.
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Mediterranean salad at Schnitz

The diversity of the Mediterranean salad highlights just how versatile a good chicken schnitzel can be. Perfect for a zesty winter alternative, this salad offers you the heartiness of warm, perfectly-cooked chicken and light refreshing flavours.
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Anna Thomas Spring Collection

Anna Thomas' new Spring collection evokes the aromatic spice tones of burnt orange, cinnamon, firebrick and paprika from a Turkish bazaar. Prints and textures are geometric and patterned with the feeling of a Bedouin tent.
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Coffee, but not as you know it

Beans & Balls (level 6) serve coffee like you have never experienced it before. Their cold-brewed Nitro Coffee shares with you a blend of beans that have been ground and steeped in cold water for 12 hours, filtered and then infused with nitrogen.
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The perfect winter fix, keeping well, Rio Olympics and more!

Going for Gold

Good news for those on way to the 2016 Olympics: the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) predicts the Rio team will bring home 13 gold medals, twice the number we saw in London in 2012.
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Eat Well, Be Well

Hungry? Head our way: the MLC Centre has plenty to sate that appetite – from casual eateries to restaurants and bars (yes, red wine is a terrific source of antioxidants).
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Low Fat Zucchini Brownie

Baking doesn't have to involve piles of sugar and butter. These chocolate Zucchini Brownies will satisfy your sugar cravings without the guilt.
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Omega's New Collection

These four remarkable timepieces represent the next step in the evolution of ceramic watchmaking which began with the Dark Side of the Moon.
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Taking Care of Business

Ever ask yourself, “Where did the day go?” or spent way too long on something that should have taken “just a minute”? Time management app Focus Booster makes those lost hours a thing of the past.
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Perfect Winter Fix

Bún Me offer a range of winter lunch special options, perfect to warm your insides during these cooler months. Try their delish crackling pork for just $12.90.
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NAIDOC Week at MLC Centre, EOFY Sale and your guide to Parisian chic!

Heat up the Street

SumoSalad, has joined forces with food rescue organisation OzHarvest to help make a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate.
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MLC Centre Welcomes Rodd & Gunn

Rodd & Gunn is synonymous with quality, while taking its inspiration from New Zealand's picturesque landscape.
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Celebrating Culture

NAIDOC Week is an opportunity for all Australians to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
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Did Someone Say Sale?

They did indeed: we share how to make the most of the EOFY sales. It’s that time of year once more: there are some serious savings to be made for savvy shoppers at MLC Centre.
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Steal Their Style

Your guide to Parisian chic. There’s more to French style than berets. With Bastille Day coming up (July 14th), our Fashion Team shares some tips to steal Parisians’ style.
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Street Art Project

MLC Centre is excited to partner with ANZ to launch a street art project that will see large scale murals appear on unused walls across Sydney, recognising local people with stories to tell.
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Mid-year mood boosters, a re-cap on MBFW and what's on in Sydney this month!

Mid-Year Mood Boosters

Don’t let the cold of winter get you down. Lift your mood with a little retail therapy at MLC Centre. For summer-lovers, the middle of the year has its downsides – the days are short, the weather is icy, and the prospect of sunshine feels like a distant memory.
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Say it with Flowers

Forget the clichés. There are no right or wrong times to give flowers, but there is an art to arranging the perfect bunch. Flowers are a universal way of saying “thanks”, “sorry” or, “I love you”.
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$12 Black Label Gozleme

Each gozleme by The Gozleme Co. is handcrafted with the finest ingredients to ensure mouth-watering taste – and their Black Label range of treats are now just $12.
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What's On

On the lookout for winter entertainment? Here’s what’s on in the month of June. Indulge your inner artist, music buff or gastronome with these exciting winter events.
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The Week that Was

The country’s glamazons were out in full force from 15-20 May, as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week struck the runways of Sydney. There were thrills in the form of popping prints...
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Shop 25% Off at Farage

Farage is a leading Australian luxury brand providing work wear essentials tailored to perfection. For a limited time only shop 25% off at Farage. Offer valid from 9 June to 16 June.
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How to stay focused at work, make the most of MLC's services, PLUS, exclusive gift offers and birthday tips!

Exclusive Mother's Day Sale at Ava Jewellers

Looking to make a statement this Mother’s Day? MLC Centre retailer, Ava Jewellers, have introduced an exclusive special to their fantastic range of European-designed and made watches just in time for Mother’s Day.
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Birthdays on a Budget

Five fun ways to treat your boss or desk buddy without breaking the bank. Office birthdays can be a headache. Firstly, there’s the cake debacle (chocolate or sponge? Plain or gluten-free?), then there’s question of gifts (what do they like? And how much should I spend?).
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Full Focus

mprove your focus at work with these hot tips. The office can be a distracting place. Chatty colleagues, emails, instant messaging and constant background noise are just some of the contributors to attention loss.
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At Your Service

Maximise your lunch-break with MLC Centre’s portfolio of services. The midday break – it’s usually a choice between a meal outside the office, or a desk lunch and dash to the dry cleaners. At MLC Centre, however, you can have both...
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The exclusive savings on designer items and this killer recipe are sure to excite.

Cosette Invites You to an Exclusive Mid-Season Sale

For 4 days only Cosette will be offering 50% off on clothing and shoes from international designer brands; Isabel Marant, Chloé, Céline, Balenciaga, Valentino & more. This week Cosette is holding an exclusive mid-season sale at their MLC Centre boutique...
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Nice as Pie

Sure, you could treat mum to breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day – but who really likes crumbs in their sheets? A home-cooked lunch is a fantastic alternative to the traditional breakfast in bed that opens the door to all kinds of recipes.
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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Just in case you haven’t already penciled it in your diary (and we know you have), Mother’s Day is on the horizon – Sunday May 8th to be exact. Finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy but, thankfully, you needn’t look far. Our retailers ...
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Easter treats, fashion trends, PLUS, all about the new production at Theatre Royal, Ghost the Musical.

Theatre Royal Presents Ghost the Musical

Hollywood blockbuster Ghost hits the stage. Most cinematic enthusiasts will swoon over Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s illustrious pottery scene from the 1990 blockbuster Ghost.
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Post-Work Play

Our insider’s guide to the MLC Centre after hours. INTRO: When the pens are down, MLC Centre switches into play mode. From interesting drinking and dining to theatrical fun, here are four ways to pass time in the precinct after hours.
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MLC Centre Welcomes Bunda

The Australian fine jewellery house joins the MLC Centre stable. The MLC Centre is proud to announce that home-grown fine jewellery house Bunda will be opening its doors in the former Cartier site this April.
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Easter Indulging

Few holidays match the gastronomic pleasures of Easter with its lashings of chocolate and spiced hot cross buns. While the celebration falls on Sunday 27 March, we’re all for digging in early, and...
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Beat those back to work blues, summer stylin' tricks and your Valentine's Day gift guide, exclusive to MLC Centre.

Valentine's Day

Show your loved one you know how much they mean to you buy spoiling them with a thoughtful Valentine’s Day present. Here’s a selection of gifts to suit every budget. Chocolate...
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A Fresh Start

While not everyone of us is great at making (or keeping!) resolutions, the new year offers up the perfect chance to get working on things to make life more enjoyable and...
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Summer Fashion

The heat is still in the air, the beach still beckons and the evenings still stretch out into the glorious twilight. Yes, there’s still a full month left to officially enjoy summer. And ...
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Back To Work

With the memory of a relaxing summer holiday fading fast, getting back into work mode with a whole year ahead can be daunting. But there are number of...
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