Back to Work

With the memory of a relaxing summer holiday fading fast, getting back into work mode with a whole year ahead can be daunting. But there are number of ways to get the wheels turning again. Here are five things to help:

 1. Take the time to look back. Much like rereading a few pages of the novel you put down a month ago, reflecting on the previous year helps you reconnect with the work you were doing before the holidays. It also give you the opportunity to pinpoint things you’d like to change for the coming year before the work comes flooding in.

2. Tidy up your work space. An uncluttered desk means an uncluttered mind and there are few better opportunities for making a clean start than the first day back. Wipe down the desk, file the previous year’s work, answer any outstanding emails and get a new photo or plant to help freshen your outlook.

3. Resolve those little annoyances.There are things we know make us unproductive, like constantly misplacing the keys or constantly being late for meetings. Identify what they are and do what you need to do to get them fixed, from setting up a digital calendar to buying (and using!) a key hook.

4. Set some short term goals. To avoid being paralysed by the thought of an entire year of work, setting short-term, achievable goals can help you maintain some perspective and get a sense of achievement.  

5. Discover new technology. We’ve all got smartphones but not all of us are realising their potential. Apps that can be a boon for productivity and decluttering include CardMunch that digitises business cards, Unroll.Me that helps you clean up your email subscriptions and digital calendar app, Sunrise.