Hungry? Head our way for healthy winter food options.

Winter is here and now we share some food to ensure you stay fighting fit the whole season long. 
Hungry? Head our way: the MLC Centre has plenty to sate that appetite – from casual eateries to restaurants and bars (yes, red wine is a terrific source of antioxidants).
Start your day right
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so skipping it is a big no-no.
Head to Thr1ve (Level 6 Food Court) and start your day with a nutritious Breakfast Bowl (now served all day long). Our pick from the menu? The Green Eggs – scrambled eggs, with spinach, basil presto and smashed avocado.
Winter vibes
Warming foods are the way to go – think wonder warming ingredients like ginger and turmeric. Both are found in IKU Wholefood (Level 6 Food Court) Laksa – packed full of chilli, turmeric and lemon. Our tip? Add a little extra chilli in there (too much is never enough).
Liquid gold
It’s time to drink up: with a menu designed by qualified nutritionists, Pressed Juices (Level 6) is liquid nutrition at its finest.
Stop into the store and reboot your system with a juice cleanse tailored specifically for you (you can pick up your juices daily).
Feeling low in the immune stakes? Sip on a shot of cold-pressed Green 4 – a juice with the goodness of spinach, cucumber, lettuce, celery, kale and parsley.
Our daily go-to? A shot of Organic Immunity Mixer.