Healthy lunch on the run

For those who need a healthy lunch on the run, look no further than MLC Centre’s IGA Romeo’s Food Hall. Their full-service deli has a host of ready-to-eat salads that are made fresh daily.

These salads are a lunch choice that is perfect for those busy days where you need a quick fix, and even more perfect for summer, where lighter lunch options are always top of the list. (Also on offer at IGA: seasoned sliced meats, fresh sushi rolls, artisanal cheeses, antipasti, olives and gourmet hand-made sandwiches.)
So, what’s so great about a salad?
1. They’re the ultimate multi-taskers. A salad is a great and convenient way to tick off your daily dose of vegetables.
2. They give you more get up and go. Skipping carbohydrate-heavy meals in favour of protein-led lunches, like a tuna nicoise salad, gives you more energy and helps you feel fuller for longer. (Time to say goodbye to the 3pm snack!) Want something a little different to tuna? Try thin deli ham or turkey breast.
3. A great way to get your daily dose of goodness. Green salads help to keep your antioxidants on the up: it’s amongst those leaves that you’ll find your fill of vitamin C and E folic acid, alpha and beta carotene and fibre. A high fibre diet helps to lower cholesterol, helps you stay fuller for longer, and according to the Harvard School of Public Health, reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
4. They’re so refreshing. You just can’t beat that salad crunch. Go for an option with plenty of fresh greens and raw vegetables. Each salad at IGA is custom-packed with fresh seasonal produce.
5. An easy way to keep that summer body in shape. A fresh salad is a perfect low calorie lunch option. Keep it as raw and clean as possible and be sure to mix up your choice of salad daily to keep you coming back for more each day. Variety, after all, is the spice of life.