Summer bodies are made in Spring

We share tips to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best this season.
Lean and green: try a 3-day juice cleanse
A juice cleanse is the perfect way to kick-start your system this Spring – especially after the winter indulgence! Pressed Juices’ cleanses (Level 6) have been formulated by nutritionists and draw on those plants traditionally praised for their detoxifying properties.
During your cleanse, you’ll have eight bottles to get through each day (that’s over 6kg of natural fresh produce!).
These cold pressed juices act as a meal replacement, giving your digestive system their very own Spring break.
So, what are the benefits of a juice detox? Pressed Juices tells us we can expect:

  • Mental clarity and motivation
  • Glowing complexion
  • Increased energy
  • Rebooted immune system
  • Improved digestion. 

For those new to detoxing, try the Basic Cleanse. Our tip? Be sure to steer clear of caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks while cleansing.  
Work out tips for this Spring
Hot tips to get that beach-ready body.

Mix it up: don’t go for the same workout each and every day. Keep things interesting by trying something different each day. This means you’ll work different muscle groups for a more holistic program and you won’t get sick of the same old, same old. After all, motivation is key! Try soft sand running one day, swimming the next, weights another day. Be sure to mix in some yoga anywhere you can as it stretches out the muscles you’ve worked while running.
Go easy: when you’re detoxing, go for gentler exercises like Pilates and yoga. Long walks are also good – and a great way to catch up with friends at the same time.
Slow it down. When stretching, draw in some longer stretches to ensure you make the most of all your hard work. This will reduce your recovery time. Hold each stretch for an extra count of 30. A great one to start on is the plank: a count of 30 will bring you closer to seeing results sooner.
Get outdoors: make the most of the warmer weather and exercise outside. We love the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk or a cheeky kilometre at Bondi’s iconic Icebergs pool.