We take a trip down memory lane

It’s been a year since the MLC Centre’s food court was renovated and to celebrate the anniversary, we look back to the mid-70s, when it was originally crafted.
Once the tallest concrete office building in the Southern Hemisphere, MLC Centre was the vision of Australian icon and architect Harry Seidler. 

Black-and-white photographs of the original refurbishment – pictured in August 1975 – show a new-age space taking shape. Clean, modern lines make way for intricate detail as the master craftsmen labour over the finishing touches. One photograph is captioned, “These empty aisles could not imagine the throngs of hungry people who will visit here each day.”

Now those aisles are no longer empty: an ever-popular lunch spot, there are more people – and retailers – than ever before. 


The 2015 renovation opened up the heavens – literally, with a skylight – and brought with it 12 new retailers. Among the then-newcomers were now-favourites Lok Lok Dumpling Bar, Schnitz and Top Juice.
And among the many must-visits of the food court today?

Gozleme Co for a bit of sweet or savoury.
Bun Me for Vietnamese lunch on the run.
Thrive. For all your salad needs.