Winter white snow or bright white sand – where will you go?

Phone off, out-of-office on, flights booked. Head towards the North Pole for a traditional white Christmas, or hit some bright white beaches for a tropical sojourn in the sun.
Snow Escape — Experience a traditional white Christmas with all the trimmings. Due north of Stockholm sits Kiruna, the northernmost tip of Sweden. Comfortably nestled 145 kilometres above the Arctic Circle, Kiruna brings the Christmas spirit alive in an ethereal atmosphere of chilly polar nights and glints of the Aurora Borealis. Dine, explore and even sleep among the ice and snow at the world’s first ice hotel. Organise moose safaris and husky tours, watch the Northern Lights on horseback, and stay overnight in a self-built igloo. You can fill your itinerary easily at this ice-coated village on top of the world. When you’re ready for less ice, let the adventure continue southeast of Kiruna, deep into the enchanted woods of Boden. Set in the Lule River Valley, experience a cosy Christmas from high up in the trees. Boden’s Treehotel hosts guests in exquisitely designed houses suspended six metres above ground. With sweeping views across the snowy valley, The Bird’s Nest, The Mirrorcube, The UFO, The Dragonfly, The Blue Cone and The Cabin each offer a completely unique experience. During your stay, live out a real-life fairytale on a dogsled tour of the countryside or relax into the natural forest spa.
Sand Escape — If summer heat and days spent at the beach are your idea of the perfect holiday, forgo the snow, and look to the glittering white sands of Whitehaven Beach. Part of the Whitsunday archipelago, this seven kilometre stretch of pristine shoreline is considered not only one of the best beaches in Australia, but the world. Accessible only by boat, seaplane or helicopter, it’s virtually unspoilt, making it perfect for snorkelling and sighting native wildlife like turtles, tropical fish and dolphins. While a day trip is great, an overnight stay is even better. As tourist boats, seaplanes and helicopters part for the day, you’re left to relax and camp in this little slice of heavenly solitude.
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