In search of something sweet?

We have got you covered! And guess what? Our suggestions are all gluten free!

There are a number of different reasons gluten may not be your friend, but now you can still have your cake and eat it.

Alexander’s Patisserie has several gluten-free options including:
Pistachio, caramel, strawberry and chocolate macarons ($2.95)
A delicious almond and chocolate ‘Success Slice’ ($5)
Orange & Almond cupcakes ($5)
A gorgeous chock-rock layered cake ($45) or raspberry delight layered cake ($55)

Urban Barrel has plenty of great options, all for $4, like:
A healthy fig, nut and grain bar
A mouth-watering chocolate macadamia brownie
Their appetising coconut and pistachio bar
An adorable berry cake

So do Bar Fino up on level 7. They have:
Moist orange cakes ($3.50)
A raw coconut lamington ($4)
A delicious Paleo Ferrero Rocher ($4)
The healthy nut and grain bar (also dairy free) ($4)
Pistachio coconut bars ($4)

No one has gluten-free covered like Iku Wholefood. As well as being gluten-free they are organic, dairy free, additive free, preservative free and free from genetic modification. Try their:
Tasty sago cups ($5)
Vanilla friands or cocoa friands ($3.20)
Banacha slice (green tea slice) ($4.90)
Caramel slice ($4.90)
Banana & walnut slice ($4.90)
Get a mix of the Banacha, caramel or banana & walnut slice, two for $8.90.

MLC Grind has two options on offer that are made fresh, like their orange cake ($3.50) made everyday, and their pistachio biscuits ($3.50). Otherwise ask Con, their friendly manager, what else is available.

And Café Chocolat round out our gluten-free sweet treat offerings with:
Delicious coconut macaroons ($2)
Paleo bars in Bounty flavour and Hazelnut Ferrero Rocher, both of which are also dairy free ($4.90)
The Healthy Brownie made without butter or flours ($4.90)