IGA Romeo’s Food Hall has got you covered this Christmas.

Still deciding on the menu for your Christmas party? Look to the party platter. A lush centrepiece for the table, it’s the perfect way to please your guests with little effort required.
Delicious flavour pairings and treats are available at IGA Romeo’s Food Hall.
1. The Cheese Platter
You can never go wrong with cheese. Opt for gooey, sharp, tasty and blue with a platter of Red Leicester, Tasty Cheese, Jarlsberg, Fruit Cheese, Dutch Smoked and Blue Cheese. Add some fresh strawberries, grapes and water crackers for an ideal balance of savoury and sweet.
2. The Fruit Platter
Sometimes you need a bit of something fresh and fruity to go along with your holiday savouries. IGA Romeo’s Food Hall fruit platter features a mix of sweet, tangy and summery; pineapple, watermelon, rockmelon, grapes, strawberries, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, oranges and glazed cherries – perfect for the summer weather.
3. The Gourmet Platter
The holidays are all about indulging, so spoil your guests with the very best offering. Entice them with delicious treats including gourmet chicken, prosciutto, mortadella, Virginian ham, Hungarian salami, cervelatwurst, cappo collo, semi-dried tomatoes and bocconcini.
4. The Seafood Platter
Christmas in Sydney wouldn’t be complete without an abundance of fresh seafood on your plate. Treat your guests to fresh oysters, king prawns, mussels, pickled octopus, crab and chilli dip and other seasonal fresh seafood.
5. The Meat Platter
If you’re looking for something hearty to feed the crowd, opt for the meat platter. With mortadella, Virginia ham, kabana, chicken loaf, Hungarian salami, plus olives and cherry tomatoes, your guests will be well nourished to continue partying into the wee hours.
To see all options and order your platter, visit IGA Romeo’s Food Hall*
Platter prices begin at $40 and can feed up to 30 people. Custom platters are available upon request.
IGA Romeo’s Food Hall
Level 4
02 9221 6547
*48 hours notice is required for all platters.