Set your diamond-studded watches: fine Italian jewellery house Bulgari is set to open at the MLC Centre on 30th October, 2017

Bulgari, known for its decadent, colourful and audacious jewellery design, has a rich history with over 130 years of delighting its customers around the world. The coveted brand brings its inimitable presence to the MLC Centre on 30th October, 2017, just in time for Christmas, whilst it refurbishes its flagship Sydney boutique on Castlereagh Street.
The new Divas’ Dream collection is set to transport you to the inspirational beauty of Roma. Experience the inexhaustible creativity of the extraordinary shapes and colours of these jewels and accessories as they follow the contours of ancient Roman mosaics.
The new Serpenti Twist watch collection gives a daring new way to wear an icon. The Serpenti design is now fully-customisable, with the dial, case and sleek leather bracelet interchangeable. You can change this iconic peace to fit your mood – or your outfit – from adding diamonds and mother-of-pearl for bling over brunch, to black lacquer and blood-red Karung leather for after-hours raunch appeal.
Stay tuned for your invitation.
Castlereagh St