Environmental Artist Marina DeBris collaborates with the MLC Centre

Have you noticed coffee lids accumulating at the MLC Centre? If you have, it’s with good reason — we’re supporting art for change.
Marina DeBris is celebrated internationally for her vibrant but haunting assemblages made from the flotsam and jetsam of contemporary life — quite literally. DeBris has always made time for beachside runs in the cities she has lived in —here in Sydney and in the States. Many years ago, she was struck by the amount of post-consumer plastic lining the shores, particularly at LA’s Venice Beach.
At first, DeBris picked up what rubbish she could but she soon realised this was not the solution. Chris Jordan’s art portraying the effects of plastic ingestion on the albatross was a major inspiration for her new journey. A graphic designer, DeBris started to use art to engage audiences around the harmful effects of our plastic habit.
DeBris says: ‘Humour plays a huge part in my art, along with irony.’ Allowing herself a chuckle keeps her from becoming despondent and audiences are more receptive when there is a lighter note. DeBris’ materials are the refuse she finds on beaches. In one confronting example, she used fish-shaped soy sauce bottles to illustrate the irony of the damage our single-use plastics do to marine life.
We have long been a supporter of the KeepCup initiative <link to Banner 2> as a better alternative to throwaway coffee cups. Now, we take our commitment to sustainability a step further with this new collaboration, where MLC Centre tenants and visitors have been disposing of their coffee-cup lids into specially marked bins. The lids were then collected before making their way to the artist’s studio.
DeBris will transform over one thousand lids into a provocative work to renew awareness around the imperative need to reduce waste. Titled Disposable Truths, the stunning piece is set to inspire.
Disposable Truths will be available for viewing from the 7th of September — stay tuned for more details.