We’re celebrating Father’s Day. We talk to Sunil Arora and his daughter, Priya, who bring authentic Indian street food to the MLC Centre.

You’re a father-daughter team, running a thriving business together. How did your work collaboration come about?
The opportunity arose because the business was expanding just when Priya was looking for a career change. She was a psychologist but she’d always been ready to help in the family business — so I invited her to join me. She said, ‘I’ll give it a shot!’
Tell us what the best thing is about working with your daughter.
She’s very astute. If there’s something needing attention I can rely on her to take care of it. She’s very talented and creative so she handles many different aspects of the business.
Among other things, customers love Chachu’s for the Kathi Rolls. What makes your rolls so special?
Our Kathi Rolls are created from the bottom of my heart!
I’ve been in food retail since 1998 and I have a great passion for food. We know exactly what people like about Indian street food; our Kathi Rolls are created especially for the Australian public.
Indian food offers such a wide variety of dishes. What other treats can customers enjoy at Chachu’s?
We’ve introduced chaat. It’s a combination of various sauces, yoghurt, crunchy rice, wheat biscuits… It’s a delicious array of food. In India, it’s everywhere. You see people eating it standing at carts on the street.
We also have sliders and puffed bread. They’re like a very small crisp roti, with a hole in the middle, filled with spices and topped with spiced water! You bite into it and it just explodes with spices. You have to try it.
What do you look for when sourcing ingredients?
Freshness. It’s all made in front of the customers and everything is made on a daily basis. Our exotic spices are also very important.
How will you be celebrating Father’s Day? (Will there be any work talk?)
I’ll be spending it with my two daughters and, yes, there will be work talk — you can’t escape it! We’re passionate and we’re always planning.