Love your way: foods that make you feel good

It’s time to think fresh, and to feel good, from the inside out. It’s said the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach – so what are you feeding yourself come lunch time each day? Making the right choice, the healthy choice, can make a world of difference to how you feel. Nestled in the heart of the MLC Centre’s food court, you’ll find Sumo Salad, where they believe food should be fun, honest, healthy, affordable and tasty.

We caught up with Luke Baylis, SumoSalad CEO and Co-Founder, for his tips and tricks for foods that will make you feel on top of the world.    
Super foods - what are the ones you can't live without and why?
We’re pretty obsessed with all super foods. As Mothers Nature’s gifts for living a happier, healthier life what’s not to love? Our favourites would have to be blueberries (packed with antioxidants), avocados (high in potassium and loaded with good fats) and salmon (high in Omega-3) which all feature across our SumoSalad menu.
What's your healthy go-to snack?
A good rule of thumb is snack on anything that was grown from the earth – fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains.
How do you avoid temptation?
Look, you can’t be perfect all the time and we all deserve a treat now and then. To avoid temptation and build healthy eating habits we recommend keeping it simple and focusing on one meal at a time. Very quickly those small, daily choices become permanent healthy habits in your life and those guilt-filled treats aren’t so tempting anymore. At Sumo, we are all about making healthier choices, step by step. We are trying to make Australia healthier by offering fun tasty honest food in an affordable way.
How do you make healthy choices when eating out?
Always go for options that include an abundance of fresh produce, grilled meats and whole grains when you’re eating out. These delicious staples are usually prepared without unnecessary fats, sugars, oils and additives which means you’ll feel lighter and brighter when you’re on the go!
What is the one non-negotiable rule when it comes to healthy eating?
To make eating well a habit for life, healthy food has to be delicious.
At Sumo Salad, you can design your own salad, pick up a number from our made-to-order menu or make your choice from our fast fresh deli if you’re after a grab-and-run option. There’s something for everyone.