Make 2017 your year of fitness - from online training to smart watches, here are some simple tips to get fit.

A new year comes as a fresh start and it’s the perfect chance to rediscover your passion for health and fitness.
This year brings a variety of popular trends in which to immerse yourself. We are already seeing some trends emerge in the health and fitness industry, giving us a solid foundation. This year it is time to try something new that you enjoy.
Here are the most popular fitness trends for 2017 according to JJ Coutts, Owner of Sydney’s Outer Strength Fitness
1, Sweat it out, online
Online personal training now gives you the comfort of your own personalised exercise and nutrition program that can be performed anywhere, any time, without the need of a trainer.

Sure, in-person personal training is the personal attention you receive. However, with the busy lifestyles we now live, there are plenty of benefits to online personal training, including time efficiency, decreased costs (compared to in-person training) and overall amazing results.

So why is online training becoming so popular? It’s pretty simple. Online Personal Training is extremely convenient.

There is no need to schedule your session with your trainer every week, you can make time for yourself whenever it fits into your busy lifestyle to follow your designed individualised program. This makes it ideal for those on the go, whether you’re a business professional who constantly travels all the time or a stay at home parent, who can sneak in a quick session while the kids take a nap.

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2: The smart workout: workout technology
Fitness trackers, Heart Rate Monitors and Smartwatches have been at the top of all of our birthday and Christmas wish lists for some time now. This trend is only going to get bigger in 2017. There have been questions about the accuracy of fitness technology, however Fitbit, Garmin and Apple have upped their game, providing exceptional technology that have improved every year.

The ability to track your daily walking and running distances, provide heart rate readings and even the chance to challenge a friend to a ‘Step’ competition, ensures that we are becoming more active than ever before.

3: Go hard with HIIT Training
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) enables us to have quick bursts of high-intensity exercise with shorter rest periods. HIIT can be performed in all types of workouts. There are so many benefits of HIIT Training. Its time efficient, lasting a maximum of 30 minutes, it burns calories faster, and it creates something called an EPOC Effect (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption)on the body. This simply means, our body must use more energy to recover 24-72 hours after our session, increasing the chance of faster weight loss, and improved cardiovascular health.

Try a HIIT workout for yourself, spend 20 minutes combining repeated shorts bursts of work with short break periods. For example, 20 seconds of star jumps, followed by 10 seconds of complete rest.

4: Commitment in numbers: go for group classes
Group training makes exercise fun. Working out in a group really motivates you to push yourself mentally and physically, and bringing along a friend or making new ones in class has a positive effect, too. A little friendly competition can increase motivation to work harder. Group Classes include, Outdoor Bootcamps, Pilates, Yoga, Spin Classes and Les Mills.
5: The great outdoors: outdoors events
Are you sick and tired of people in your office talking about the Tough Mudder they're doing this weekend or the marathon they are running, well expect more of it.
Extreme races and events are growing in popularity, incorporating fun and character into competition. The international success of events such as Tough Mudder has demonstrated the urge to go that extra mile and transform exercise into a game.
As you can see, these top five fitness trends are re-shaping the fitness industry. The world’s population is now more determined than ever to make the most of their health and fitness. As fitness becomes more social and technical, there are huge amounts of interest, instigating new waves of people jumping on the fitness bandwagon. Are you one of them?