Dietitian Rebecca Gawthorne gives her tips on how to make better choices for your lunchtime catering order

Don’t be the workplace still ordering unhealthy, greasy takeaway or boring sandwiches that leave you feeling sluggish, unmotivated and ready for a nap by 3pm.
A workplace lunch should nourish and energise your body and leave you feeling re-charged and focused for a busy afternoon of high-quality work while still having fuel in the tank for life after you leave the office.
Next time your workplace is having a lunch, boost your office moral and put a bounce in everyone’s step for the afternoon by ordering some healthy, tasty food that’s bursting with fresh, tasty nutrition and full of brain food which will give your colleagues the energy and mental clarity for a productive afternoon.

Some delicious and healthy lunch options that tick all the boxes – fresh vegetables, low GI carbs and healthy protein - include nourishing salad bowls, veggie soups and salad filled wraps and sandwiches. Sumo Salad carefully craft their menu to ensure fresh seasonal flavours and nutrition are all incorporated.
If you want to impress your colleagues, your boss and put a positive spin on your afternoon and workplace culture, be the office hero and go green for your next catering order.
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