Office-ready: we share how to make every day a good hair day.

Super sleek: the centre part
Bring back that 70s feeling: think long, straight and shiny with a centre part. Your flat iron is your new best friend this season. Be sure to use a heat protectant through your hair before turning up the heat. The trick here is to make your hair look healthy, not tired.
Easy rider: the classic low pony
Brush your hair and pull it into a low pony tail. To up the volume, tease the base of your hair with your comb. Want more shine? Go for a glossy styling cream.
Low maintenance: The hair flip
The easiest style for girls on the go. Simply flip that hair from one side to the other for volume. Need a little extra boost? Spray dry shampoo lightly throughout and dust it out with your fingertips.
Ballerina style: the not-going-anywhere bun
Super chic and on trend. Section off your hair into two pony tails: one at the crown and one in the middle of your head. Twist the ponytails around each other and secure with bobby pins. Spray with hair spray and you’re good to go.
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