Step up your sustainability efforts with stylish reusable coffee cups

Looking for small but meaningful ways to reduce your impact on the planet? The MLC Centre is excited to partner with KeepCup to make it easier. KeepCup is the Australian innovator making a big difference to the amount of plastic reaching landfill. This month they are offering a special discount on KeepCups to MLC Centre visitors.
We also partner this month with artist Marina DeBris who is transforming hundreds of coffee lids into a spectacular artwork highlighting the issue of single-use plastic. Like DeBris, KeepCup has long advocated against the use of so-called disposable coffee cups.
Recently, the ABC’s War on Waste series kick-started new conversations about reducing our plastic footprint. In case you missed it: takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable. Whilst they look like paper, takeaway cups are actually a thin polyethylene cup in a paper sleeve; in terms of how it impacts the environment, you may as well drink from a plastic bag!
According to KeepCup, half the plastic produced in the world goes into single-use items. These convenient items — used for mere minutes — spend many, many years deteriorating in landfill, harming the environment and wildlife.
KeepCups are the simple solution: sustaining our coffee habit but not our plastic habit. You can use your KeepCup over and over and each time you’re stopping single-use plastic going to landfill.
KeepCup is offering 20% off online orders to MLC Centre visitors who order through their website. Simply head to and select the items you’d like to order. Enter the code MLCCENTRE20 at the checkout, and the discount will be applied to your order.

T+Cs apply. Discount not applicable on wholesale orders, valid until 30 September 2017.