Keep your energy high and make the most of party season with these simple tips

From racing season to warmer weather to Christmas being ‘just around the corner’, in November, there’s always an excuse for a party. But living life large can sap your energy levels. With these simple tips, you can maintain your mojo all summer long.
Keep your exercise up
Don’t hit the snooze button, however tempting it might be. Set a reminder or make plans with a friend to ensure you stick to your regular exercise regime. And whether you prefer morning or evening exercise, a scheduled workout will motivate you to have an early night – and make that final glass of bubbly taste even sweeter.
Get your beauty sleep
Don’t waste your well-deserved night off! Resist the temptation of a Netflix binge and opt to unwind with a good book instead. You’ll set yourself up for a great night’s sleep and by morning you’ll be refreshed and ready for the next event.
Eat your greens
When you’re feeling a little worse for wear, it’s easy to reach for stodgy food. Instead, keep your energy levels high by choosing foods packed with iron, protein and fibre. When you’re craving that bacon-and-egg-roll-on-brioche, try Thr1ve’s Goodness Greens Bowl. Full to the brim with grains, seeds, supergreens and a protein-packed egg, there’s no better way to start your day.
Go easy on the caffeine
We all love a coffee in the morning, but on those days where a 2nd, 3rd or 4th coffee is tempting you, consider an uplifting smoothing instead. Thr1ve’s BerryBliss smoothie is packed full of antioxidants and ginger – a great way to recharge without the caffeine.
During the month of November, mention this article at Thr1ve in the MLC Centre Food Court when you purchase the Goodness Greens bowl and you can grab the regular-sized BerryBliss Smoothie for just $5 (normally $7).
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