Wander through thought-provoking sculptures by a selection of Australia’s finest artists

This August, we partner with The Sculptors Society to showcase a striking selection of contemporary artworks. The society is committed to sharing its passion for the arts by offering accessible exhibitions to the public. We invite you to view this trove of accomplished pieces that speak of the vision and achievement of Australian artists.
The exhibition collects works from acclaimed sculptors who share a long-time commitment to art and an exquisite degree of technical refinement.
Offering rich variation in scale, style and materials, the exhibition includes work by established Sydney sculptor Jenny Green. Her Lyrical 8 in powder coated steel uses elegant lines, shape and judicious colour to give form to fleeting emotion and movement. The effect is a beautiful resolution of tension between the mechanical and the lyrical.
Known to many for his Digger sculptures on Anzac Bridge, Alan Somerville contributes Pas de deux, a vivid bronze whose textural surface quality stunningly captures the dynamic sweep of a dance couple mid-step. The artist also uses detail to evoke the vital relationship between the two performers.
Graham Radcliffe’s Visitation is also in bronze and the contrast between these works shows the breadth of possibilities for the medium. The abstract ‘Visitation’ uses long curved form and sensitive detail. The sculpture incorporates the colour variation that bronze allows, creating a sense of both the metallic and the organic.
Designed by Harry Seidler, our innovative MLC Centre building has been described as a grand-scale modern sculpture – so a collaboration with The Sculptors Society is a perfect fit.
Experience this treasury first-hand from 31 July to 1 September, throughout the lobby of the MLC Centre.