Designer, June Madziar, talks to us about the artistry of diamond jewellery

Many consider jewellery an art form. Would you agree?
Definitely. Sensitive handling of proportion, design, colour and materials is essential in the creation of a handmade piece of jewellery. From sourcing the stones to design to overseeing my jeweller, the processes we undertake are highly refined. Every piece is a visual masterpiece.
In my previous career I was an art dealer with my own gallery in Canberra. I worked with many architects, including those who designed Parliament House.
Tell us about your diamonds.
My husband (and Ava Jewellers co-owner), Paul, is a diamond dealer. He innately understands the qualities to look for; most importantly the cut of the diamond. Interestingly, the quality of the cut is based on numerical attributes. Proportion affects the play of light. It is the little flares of light – unique to each stone – that give diamonds their appeal.
We select only those diamonds that meet our very tight criteria – the ones that on inspection have optimal ebullience.
It sounds like each stone inspires you. Where else do you draw inspiration?
When you have a creative brain you are constantly inspired. I am always designing in my mind. My wonderful international jewellery contacts inspire me and I am forever researching global trends to bring something fresh to Ava Jewellers.
What are your customers looking for?
As they choose from unique and bespoke pieces, our customers appreciate our knowledge and guidance. I really think the boutique setting is the perfect way to share with our customers our passion for fine jewellery.

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