The Bun Me co-founder and operations manager talks pho, baguettes and exciting new ventures.

What’s the Bun Me Story?
Bun Me is the English-interpreted name for bahn mi, which means baguette in Vietnamese. It started off at UNSW Kensington two and half year ago and we now have five stores in Sydney. 
What makes Bun Me so special?
We make all our produce in-store and fresh, daily.
What’s your go-to street snack when you travel to Vietnam?
There aren’t many well-known Vietnamese fast food or go-to chains, even in Vietnam. My go-to street food is nem nuong skewers – chicken kebab skewers, Viet-style. It’s a very flavoursome snack! 
What’s the secret to getting Vietnamese street food right?
Make it as authentic as possible.
What’s your favourite dish on the Bun Me menu right now? 
At the moment, it’s our pho soup. We constantly try to improve our pho by trying more authentic options which have been practiced in Vietnam for many, many years. Our broth alone is cooked for more than 23 hours straight.
What are the customers loving? 
Our banh mi bread rolls. They are very, very popular as they are an easy grab-and-go option which is healthy and quite filling. The most popular banh mi at the moment is bbq chicken and bbq pork. My favourite is the nem nuong which is the ​Vietnamese chicken sausage. It’s a very tasty dish but not many people know of it.
What do you love about the MLC Centre? 
MLC Centre is always that iconic communal place of meeting, whether it be for business purposes or personal gatherings. We love that the MLC Centre caters for everyone in all walks of life and is the central area which brings everyone together. 
What’s new at Bun Me MLC Centre? 
Bun Me MLC will be bringing out a catering menu soon. We hope to constantly be a store which is recognised within the centre for many years to come.