Breastfeeding is welcome throughout the MLC Centre anytime, anywhere

Celebrated each year in over 120 countries around the world, this year’s World Breastfeeding Week is on 1–7 August. This global event is a reminder that mothers need support from family, community and organisations to sustain successful breastfeeding. Promoting the benefits of breastfeeding for babies and mothers, World Breastfeeding Week is supported by authorities such as WHO and UNICEF.
At the MLC Centre, we are proud to have an environment that welcomes breastfeeding mothers centre-wide. Whether in a café, on a couch or elsewhere in the centre, mothers should and can feel comfortable feeding and soothing a hungry baby.
Should a mother feel the need for privacy, perhaps the baby might feed best away from the distracting sounds of the centre. Located on Level 6 (next to Chachus), our Parents Room has comfortable chairs ­with the option of a privacy curtain if a mother wishes. Toilets, sinks, a microwave, change tables and a penned play area with soft toys to keep the bigger kids occupied.
We’ve recently spoken with Sandra, mum to Tristan. While breastfeeding her baby in the MLC centre, Sandra felt that patrons and staff were unsure about her right to breastfeed where she – and a very hungry Tristan – chose.
Pointing out the compelling need for community support of breastfeeding, Sandra says, ‘There are a lot of women and they will need to breastfeed.’ We are continually working to educate our staff and community on our commitment to the protection of breastfeeding as a normal, healthy way to feed and comfort babies – wherever that may be.
The MLC Centre Parents Room is located on Level 6 (next to Chacus). Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere at the MLC Centre.