On 28 May we celebrate the world’s favourite sandwich.

Is the humble burger the world’s most popular comfort food? If it isn’t, it’s certainly close. There’s barely a region of the world that doesn’t have a rendition of the sandwich – so it’s only natural, then, that the burger has its very own annual celebration. On International Burger Day, devotees across the globe honour their beloved buns and patties by the simple act of eating burgers. MLC Centre is a particularly fitting place to partake in the fun, with a portfolio of burgers to suit every kind of palate. Here are a few of our favourties.
Burger Project’s Classic
The name says it all: onions, pickles, tomato, lettuce and Burger Project’s umami-rich secret sauce with a premium grass-fed patty. Unadorned and totally delicious. $9.50, Burger Project, Level 6, burgerproject.com
Zilia’s Royale Cheese
Can’t go past a cheeseburger? Zilia’s Royale features all the classic ingredients – pickles, tomato sauce, a local beef patty, sharp melted cheddar, mustard and a brioche bun – with a swirl of their own aioli mayo for good measure. $10.50, Zilia, Level 6, zilia.com.au
Iku Wholefoods’ Marcoburger
Even health-lovers can relish the joy a burger brings. Iku swaps beef and brioche for a wholemeal bun filled with tahini, organic salad leaves and a nourishing tofu fritter. Iku Wholefoods, Level 6, ikuwholefood.com
Schnitz’s Aussie Aussie Aussie
Imagine the Aussie burger brought to you via Austria: fried egg, rind-less bacon, beetroot, of course, and the European-accented addition of golden schnitzel. $12.90, Scnitz, Level 6, schnitz.com.au
Thr1ve’s Medi Bun
No gluten? No worries. Thr1ve’s Mediterranean-accented grilled chicken with pesto, feta and roasted peppers comes sandwiched in a toasted gluten-free bun. $9, Thr1ve, Level 6, Thr1ve.me
Prefer yours home-made? Take IGA Romeo’s wagyu patties, dress them up with Pyengana cheddar and Berenberg tomato sauce, add your lettuce, onion and pickles and finish off with an artisanal sesame bun. Check out their online store for click-and-collect or to have your ingredients delivered. IGA Romeo’s, Level 6, romeosretailgroup.com.au