Indulge on the sweetest day of them all

When you treat yourself to chocolate, you’re taking part in a tradition spanning civilisations. Thousands of years ago in the volcanic highlands of Central America, the Mayans harvested cacao; roasting the seeds to create a sharp hot brew. The drink was considered divine for its mood-enhancing effects.

Today, the cacao bean offers not just a release of endorphins, but an excuse to indulge. At the MLC Centre, you can celebrate World Chocolate Day by stopping by one of many food destinations offering an original take on this traditional treat.

For a celebratory take on World Chocolate Day, select from the range of mousses and mud cakes at CBD Cakes by Alexander’s Patisserie. The Triple Chocolate Rum Sponge Cake gives a decadent twist on a culinary classic while the Chocolate Dome Cake is pure chocolate indulgence with a creative modern look.

And what could be a better pairing than chocolate and coffee? Beans and Balls brews specialty coffee blends and offers a mouth-watering spread of donuts and cronuts that are filled, dolloped and drizzled with chocolate.
At Café Chocolat, your biggest challenge will be deciding what to sample. Known for their display of exquisite artisan chocolates, you can indulge over a cup of coffee or purchase chocolate delicacies to take home or give to a friend.

Indulge your senses this World Chocolate Day, 7 July.

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