Three ways to avoid sports injuries with City Physio

We can’t wait to be inspired by the phenomenal athletes at the Commonwealth Games when they hit the Gold Coast from 4th – 15th April. And while we might all not be world-class athletes, we do love to exercise. We asked resident sports injury experts, City Physio, how we can keep in shape without getting held up by injuries.
1. Prepare your body
Make sure you warm up properly with muscle activation, dynamic stretches and sports-specific movements such as hip openers, high knees and cone drills. A good warm up increases blood flow, helps decrease stiffness in muscles and joints that can be associated with injury risk, and prepares your body both mentally and physically for the task ahead!

2. Have the right footwear
The right shoes for the activity make a big difference. Don’t get lured by the latest marketing campaign or fashion trends - make sure your shoes provide the right support for your activity and stabilise and cushion your feet in all the right areas.
It’s also important to update your shoes regularly, as most shoes have an expiration date. For runners we generally recommend 600-800kms (dependent on brand), or 3-12 months for all other sports.

3. Start slowly and listen to your body
The biggest thing that brings people to our practice is when they don’t monitor their load increases or listen to the early warning signs. Slow increases of activity allow your muscles, tendons and joints to adapt to the changing demands. We generally recommend increases of around 10% per week to either intensity, frequency or duration of your activity.

If you play seasonal sport, pre-season training, off-season work and pre-hab (pre-rehab) are just some of the ways you can keep your body active between seasons and avoid the boom-bust that tends to precede most injuries. 
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