Lights out for Earth Hour

It’s been ten years since the World Wildlife Fund started asking the world to switch off for Earth Hour, and we haven’t looked back. Over the years, a whopping 178 countries have been united in raising awareness about climate change.
Australia, in particular, has a huge ecological footprint. In fact, WWF has found that if the rest of the world live like we do, we’d need over three planets to meet our total demands on nature!
As one of Sydney’s most iconic buildings, MLC Centre will be switching off from 8.30 – 9.30pm on Saturday 25th March. We’re asking all of our organisations – over 70 of them – to turn off all non-essential lighting and appliances. That means on the device and at the power point.
Wondering how you can help? Here’s a check list for Earth Hour. Plus, remember, this is something you can do every day, not just for one hour of the year.
  -      Turn off all non-essential small appliances and electronics at the power point 
  -      Shut off your computers   
  -      Unplug lamps and nightlights   
  -      Turn off the lights before you depart the office 
  -      Turn off any other non-essential electrical services or equipment   
For more information and to measure your own ecological footprint, visit the Earth Hour website.