An age-old culinary tradition meets a mouth-watering addition: Schnitz unveils its surprisingly delicious gravy make-over.

Good old-fashioned schnitzel is practically an Australian institution. When it comes to comfort food, there’s almost nothing we love more than a schnitty. So how do you make it better? Well, according to Schnitz, you add Kettle Cooked Gravy.
Schnitz is now offering lashings of delicious country-seasoned, smooth and hearty gravy. The team at Schnitz has spent hours perfecting the recipe. Lovers of gravy will know that each batch needs to be carefully prepared; it’s labour-intensive and requires a watchful eye to get it right. And most importantly, good gravy needs quality ingredients.
Schnitz now offers all that and more in its delicious Kettle Cooked Gravy, ready to pour over all of your favourite dishes, from your hearty schnitzel and chips to your fresh schnitzel roll. Just $1.90 for a small serving and $3.90 for a large.
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