Take the journey with The Curated Gentleman as we discover the research, benefits and special offer behind your Hour of Power.

If a few minutes of mindfulness can have a profound impact on relaxation and focus, imagine the compounded power of a dedicated hour (that’s right, a whole hour!). However, if you’re like the majority of Australians we surveyed, you are probably thinking there is no possible way to carve out an entire hour to reboot and recharge in the day.
Welcome, the Hour of Power. With one goal in mind, we set out to understand the current habits of Aussie lunch breaks and teamed up with the experts at Happiness Concierge to arm ourselves with the facts. Bringing our lessons to life, savvy (and busy!) merchandiser, Vinh Huynh from @thecuratedgentleman agreed to be one of our guinea pigs to optimise his golden hour with MLC Centre.
What are our current habits? In a recent research poll from MLC Centre, we found:
  • 65% of recipients told us they don’t take a lunch break
  • Of those who do take a break, 54% of recipients noted they only take 30 minutes or less away from their desk
  • 46% of recipients noted they take 31-60 minutes away from their desk
  • The quick fix! 39% of recipients told us they purchase lunch and bring it back to their desk
  • It’s not just Aussies! In another study, only a third of UK workers say they take a proper lunch break 
So how can you set yourself up for success and better spend a mid-day hour of power to turbo charge your productivity?
Discover the journey with Vinh @thecuratedgentleman and get inspired to tick off some items of your own with our special offer still available! (see below for full details).
Step 1: Ensure you refuel and unwind first with an enjoyable and energy-packed lunch.

Step 2: Break it down with a list: Expert Nick Karpetis says breaking tasks down into smaller chunks helps you to realise what is actually achievable and it gives you an idea of areas where you might need help.

Step 3: Batch tasks and pick one! With Vinh’s tasks all laid out and manageable, he was able to tick off multiple life admin tasks, including a special one with Pearsons Florist using the Hour of Power discount.

There’s still time of spend and save with MLC Centre and our Hour of Power promotion. Simply spend $10 at any participating food court retailer, and you will save 10% off any participating service to help get your life admin sorted. Visit here for more details and participating services.
You can find the expert top tips from Happiness Concierge Trainer, Nick Karpetis, on our blog here.