Sleeping for success: Dr Dev Banerjee from Integrated Sleep Health shares his easy (and transformative!) formula to your perfect night’s sleep.

Mindfulness. We all want to be mindful, but it’s often difficult when you’ve had a poor night’s sleep, right? We all know how it feels when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep: that sloooooow feeling of draaaaagging yourself through the day. The inability to focus and be present.
So how can we sleep better, and transform our minds from slow to sharp? We asked Dr Dev Banerjee from Integrated Sleep Health for some easy ways to get a perfect night’s sleep.
1. Have a regular, sensible routine.
Our bodies naturally use the start of the night for deep, refreshing sleep. Late nights interfere with this rhythm, meaning our body misses out on the most refreshing part of sleep. Remove late nights from your schedule – and very early rising, if you can – and set yourself up for the six to eight hours of sleep your body needs. You’ll find you won’t be hankering for an afternoon nap, either.
2. Don’t go to bed wound up.
We need to reduce any fight, flight or fright feelings that keep our minds overstimulated. Strategies like meditation, mindfulness and yoga help us switch off our brain. Just as physical fitness is vital for wellbeing, so is mental fitness. And mental health can respond well to training just as physical health does.
3. Keep fit and healthy.
Watch what you eat and drink, moderate your alcohol intake and avoid smoking. Extra weight can lead to snoring and a risk of sleep apnoea, which fragments our sleep. Weight gain also increases the risk of hypertension and diabetes. When we’re unfit and unwell, we head into a downward spiral and our sleep suffers.
For Dr Banerjee, our busy lifestyles require us to keep in good health to give our all at work and at home; but conversely, cause us to de-prioritise our sleep. We need to prioritise our sleep, because with better sleep, comes better health, wellbeing and mindfulness.
Do you feel like you’re losing at snoozing? Integrated Sleep Health at MLC Centre can help find your sleep solution, from the medical and psychological to exercise and weight management.
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