All-new winter warmers have arrived at Nudefish! It’s a warm hello to hot bowl options and miso soup broths – your soul saviour through the last of the cool days.

Take your tastebuds on tour as we ride out the last of the chill this winter! While comfort food can all too often be associated with calorie-loaded and carb-fuelled meals (think hearty casseroles and cheese bakes!) it doesn’t need to be a guilty blow-out to escape the weather blues.
Enter, Nudefish Poké. Not only do we love the ‘boat to bowl’ philosophy that underpins the ethos of Nudefish, the all-new winter menu is a welcomed reprieve to the waistline. From now until the end of the season, Nudefish Poké will be serving up hot bowl options and miso soup broths. The best part? Following suit with the rest of the menu, all options are 100% gluten and dairy free, preservative free and without additives.
Here’s a sneak peek into the Nude life:
  • Teriyaki Chicken & Salmon Bowls: Not just your average Teriyaki – these bowls pack a unique flavour punch with Nudefish’s very own chef-created recipe (made in-house!) with the marinades blending traditional flavours of Japan, complete with fresh, high-quality ingredients for optimal flavour.
  • Miso Broth Bowls: With only sustainable Australian seafood, free-range poultry and biodynamic tofu making the cut, you can be sure your broth bowl sets the lunch bench-mark with your choice of tofu, eggplant, poached chicken or cooked salmon. Nudefish puts a home-grown spin on the dish – traditionally called Ochazuke in Japan – featuring fresh ingredients and your choice of base and extras. 
Did we mention the entire menu is 100% gluten and dairy free? Warm up now – the all-new bowls will be with MLC Centre from now until the end of the season.
Visit Nudefish Poké
Shop 12, Level 6
MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place