First look: Sumo Salad launches all-new Soup Bar

Sumo Salad is bringing a NYC-soup Bar to the MLC Centre from 5th April.

Love soup? Sumo Salad is launching a soup-er soup station with 12 different varieties of soup. Low in sodium and packed with protein, Sumo Salad’s soups are the healthy alternative to give you the energy to get through your day.
Think NYC, lower East-side. Every day at Sumo Salad you’ll find at least 10 new styles of soup, from healthy kale and quinoa, hearty beef and veg, to classic pea and bacon. Once you’ve made your choice, just ask for the soup you want, and you can add all the toppings you love, including croutons, chilli oil, noodles and more. Your meat will be added separately – choose from steaming hot plates of fresh chicken, lamb and beef – and you’ll always receive a decent portion (meat-lovers can also ask for double meat for extra protein).
Nothing goes better with soup than delicious, crusty bread. Choose from white, wholemeal and sourdough, and toast your bread for that extra crunch.  You’ll feel good from your tummy to your soul - the bread is from the Bread & Butter Project – a social enterprise bakery that aims to empower the un-empowered in our community.
Our Insider Tip: Mouth-watering but haven’t yet worked up your appetite? Try a soup slammer – perfect for when you need a little something to heat you up or tide you over.
Stroll down to Sumo Salad from Thursday, 5th April to get your soup fix.
Find Sumo Salad at:
Shop 629
Level 6
MLC Centre