From structured capes to creative colour hacks, discover the very best of this season’s fashion must-haves with Carl Kapp and Ignazia.

With unpredictable weather wreaking havoc on even the most fashion-forward, we caught up with two of our most loved designer stores, luxury womenswear leader, Carl Kapp and independent fashion institution Ignazia, to uncover all things winter wardrobe.
First up, what are the winter staples everyone should be curating this season?
With the consistently inconsistent weather (say au revoir to sunburn and hello to windburn!), it’s time to dust off the knits and layer on the capes and outwear.
In one word, Carl Kapp says it has to be the cape. Carl Kapp says the cape can easily be layered to wear over a dress, silk top or jacket, and easily modified for a weekday and weekend look. The fashion icon says, “Our busy clients want a style they can just throw over their suit without taking off their jacket. The cape is tailored so that it falls over the jacket and moulds to the shape of the jacket shoulders – perfect.”
Winter whites are also making waves on the must-have colour palates this season. A pop of bright white can boost the mood of even the gloomiest grey day. Structured, crisp white shirts with layered greys (or vibrant bursts of colour!) make for the perfect wardrobe staple.
From staples to trends, what is defining the season and how can we achieve the look?
Whether you pick a tone and dress in it head-to-toe, or layer with head-turning prints, nailing the colour palate is always key. Carl Kapp says raspberry and khaki tones proved popular among many of the major fashion week shows in New York, London and Paris. Pastel tones and prints are also hitting the runways this season, while a classic tan number remains a stylish staple to get you through multiple weather spells!
Talking shapes and cut, Carl Kapp says midi-length dresses and skirts are among the essentials for the latest fashion coordinates. (Bear in mind, the fashion experts warn these cuts can be a tricky shape; the cut has to be perfect, especially from hip line to hem).
For Ignazia, winter is being defined by modernised crepe. “A classic black crepe smoking jacket with a modern twist is a must-have. An on-trend crepe wide leg pant also feels luxurious whilst providing all day comfort.” The fashion retailer says the look provides a sophisticated finish – particularly when paired with a romantic spliced ruffled white shirt and 100% Merino scarf in a beautiful neutral tone (hello, timeless! 
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